Monday, 29 September 2014

Check Out these Amazing refashions

I came across this feature the other day and was pleased to be included amonst some wonderful upcycled ideas.
Pop over to Paris Ciel to see Amy's post. It's awesome.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

France Fun and reality hits.

Camp cook
Its been a while since I posted on the blog. It's been busy as I've been sewing for others, had family birthday celebrations, a holiday in France and a new job.

The last few months have been stressful as I faced redundancy from my Job, but by the end of May I had secured a new post which I started a few of weeks ago, but more of that later. I have done a few bits of sewing, one of my most successful pieces was a waistcoat for a friend to wear at his daughters wedding. I did welt pockets for the first time and I have to say I impressed myself so much as I managed to make them almost invisible - go me!

There it is!
Can you see it?
 My mum had a rather significant Birthday and celebrated with a big garden party, we arrived with the car fully loaded as we were heading off to our holiday the very next day. My sister and brother in law prepped and made two very large paella's, assisted by my hubby during the cooking process. He wore the shirt I'd made for him a couple of weeks before and I wore my black jersey maxi dress that I made a couple of moths ago.

Libby cooks Paella
The next day we headed of to France for 10 days camping at Le Pas Opton. This is a site run by Spring Harvest Holidays, a Christian organisation based in the UK. It's a fab camp site with some low key Christian events which you can attend if you wish. A bible study in the morning and a short celebration early eveing, along with all the other types of things you'd expect on a camp site. Kids clubs, a fab pool and slide, quiz night, wine tasting (produce from a local vineyard - we brought 6 bottles back), sports competitions craft workshops and not forgetting some coffee and cake tasting.

Coffee and cake tasting
Bamboo at Coex
We hired one of their luxury tents which sleeps six (but it would be a tight squeeze), but with 5 of us it was comfortable. The tents come well equiped with proper beds and matresses, a cooker, kitchen equipment, fridge, lighting and electricity. there is a fab bakery on site, providing fresh baguettes all day! along with a take out menu. The was facilities are kept really clean and there are washing machines and dryers on site too.

The Bar is the hub of the site, where coffee is served in the morning and the bible studies take place. WiFi is available in the bar and coffee shop area, but has to be purchased extra. the coffee shop boasts great fair trade coffee, provided by Kingdom Coffee.

Flowers at coex
The Children are well catered for and the site is safe. Our kids loved that they had some independence and could meet their friends and swim or take part in different activities and they all made new friends.

The locality is developing in what it offeres tourists, this was the third time we've been and there are now lots of activities and things to do and see within an hours drive. This year we visited the nearby town of Coex, where there is a scented garden, which was great to explore and even better it was free to get in.

Apremont is just a short drive away and there is a large lake where you can swim or boat, we decided to go boating along the river and had a great time splashing each other and some of the other boaters.


Also within 10 minutes drive is the velorail, a 10Km stretch of disused rail track that has been turned into a fun activity - as you cycle along the tracks on a "bicycle" powered cart through the local countryside.

Dragon being made
The city of Nantes is just under an hour away by car and we travelled there on the day when it rained and visited les Machines de I'ile. Think steampunk style giant creatures and fantasy environments. we got to ride on a tall mechanical elephant and saw the staff work on a mechanical dragon - awesome. If you are ever in the area it's well worth a visit.

Elephant ride
Well it's been 4 weeks since we got back and it's taken me that long to get this post together. I suppose that comes from starting a new job, after facing redundancy for the second time within 4 years, I was really happy to secure a new job before the end of the academic year. I'm loving the new post, but its tiring getting to know new systems and procedures and working for a different LEA, not to mention trying to learn the names of the 500 students I teach each week! so it might be a while before you see any more of my creations of an art or textiles variety. I am making, but it's going to take me a while to complete anything at the moment.


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