Sunday, 12 May 2019

Me Made May and other stories

I always start out with good intentions. I will photograph my outfits every day and post them to Instagram but then life happens and taking photos is the last thing on my mind.

The last three weeks have been super busy. Busy at work and busy at home. I thought I would share a little of what's going on.

Me Made May so far...
We are on day 12 and so far I have worn at least one me-made every day:-
Flying pigs dress - once
Handbag dress -  once
Red floral Saraste dress - once
Chiffon skull top - twice
Red Sorbetto top - once
Blue Sorbetto top  - twice
Burdastyle overlap top  - once
Ginger Jeans  - 3 times
Burda Spotty sleeveless shirt  - just the once
Refashioned denim jacket  worn 5 times
Zero waste denim culottes  - worn twice
Burdstyle gathered neck top v1 & 2  - twice each
Black Ponte Lucinda skirt  worn once
Draped tartan Vivienne Westwood inspired dress  - worn twice
Elise T shirt  - 1 wear
Refashioned Jacket  - 3 days
Self-drafted undies  - 12 days

London Baby
I had a course booked in London on the 7th of May. This was the Tuesday after the bank holiday, which also happened to be my hubby's birthday, so we planned to spend a couple of days in London visiting my sister. Unfortunately, my hubby was unwell and couldn't go. As I had my course booked I went as planned.

I stayed with my sister and her hubby and we spent Monday at Little Venice, Camden and the Saatchi gallery before going out for Pizza.

On Tuesday I attended my course at the British Association of Art Therapists. I'm not an art therapist, but they run a course for professionals in school, to support vulnerable children. I made this cute little fella as part of the training. I can't wait for day 2 in June.

Before getting my train home I had time to explore the British library and loved some of the work on display. Unfortunately my train was delayed by 45mins and I had time to admire the ceiling at Kings Cross Station.

Work and Home Stuff
It's a crazy time at the moment. The year 6 SATs start tomorrow and there have been lost opf preparations at school. I'm busy with ceramics projects with some of my students and as my pug mill isn't working correctly I'm hand wedging clay for between 3 and 4 classes a day - now that's a workout!
We are also taking part in Whitley bay Carnival on the 25th May and are busy making our giant flying saucer and costumes. it's hard work, but i'm sure it will be worth it in the end.
My own children are just about to head into a month of exams as Bethan sits her GCSEs and Cai sits his A-Levels. John also has his final university assignments to hand in by the end of this week.
Yesterday my daughter performed with Alnick youth theatre at Northern Stage in Newcastle. It was her first experience of performing in a theatre setting. I think she loved it. I've needed a bit of me time this weekend and i've been sewing up this lovely skull print cotton form Minerva crafts. More to come on that one.


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