Sunday, 21 July 2013


Don't you hate it when a pattern isn't quite what you'd hoped it would be?
Yep me too.
But we tweak a seam here and alter a dart there and it usually comes good in the end. Yes?
Not today. I have spent the best part if the last two weeks working on a crochet dress. I finished it today. But it looks rubbish. It's way too big on the skirt. And the skirt was the first part to be completed. As I'd never made it before I stuck closely to the rather vague pattern instructions. The skirt has 7 rows of 10 motifs that get smaller as the get nearer the bust line. I now think that just 8 per row would be more than enough. To make this adjustment I think I need to take rather a lot of the dress apart. There is no way I'm throwing £25 worth of yarn away.
I just can't face doing it today.
And for all those of you that knit and crochet. Yes I did check the tension. It was spot on!
Shame you can't make a muslin for crochet.

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