Friday, 9 January 2015

Re-Sew-loutions 2015 - just a little late.

Full of good intentions to post every week in 2015 and already I'm behind - Great start eh?

2014 was a strange year and although I made a lot I didn't post much of it. I just found the time ran away from me. I started a new job in September and it's going great, but i'm super busy andtrying to create my own art and sewing, while finding example and creating examples for my students is tough.

I have an exhibition in March and need to get worked prepped for that. I also want to keep sewing. I made a dress over the Christmas Hols, but more on that another time.

So my resewloutions for this year.
Its dead simple - one thing at a time.
I filled the jar with all the projects I want to complete, when I have finished one. I take out and complete the next one. Hopefully this will help keep me focused!

Now then - back to my drawings...

Soundtrack: Idlewild - The Remote Part

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