Monday, 14 September 2015

Libby's Dress (Anna dress hack)

Whilst we were in london back in July, my sister picked out this beautiful teal fabric. We bought it from a little shop on Brick Lane and I made up her dress.

The Little shop, which was crammed full of fabric!

Libby decided she would like a slash neck dress that had cap sleeves and a full ish skirt, but that also emphasised her tiny waist. I knew just the pattern to hack! The bodice is from the By Hand London Anna dress. I used a base 14 size to accomodate the bust and back width, but Libby's waist was nearer a size 8. I took a little off of the side seams and made the darts deeper to redude the waist measurement.

The skirt is approximately a half circle skirt, and the ties are based on my Hobbs style dress, that I made earlier in the year.

The fabric is very well behaved and did not need lining, so I used facings for the neck edge. it's such a lovely colour and perfect for Libby. It can be dressed up or down. On this occassion she wore it to a family party with a simple necklace.

It's not a bad fit considering it was made based on measurements alone - no fitting. Rather tricky to fit when you live 300 miles apart. Still I think it really suits her and I hope she gets plenty of wear from it.
The photos were taken by my brother in law.

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  1. One of my favourite colours and one of my favourite patterns. Nice adaptation to the waist. Your sister has a great figure. It must be tricky to shop though so she's lucky to have you.


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