Monday, 31 December 2018

Makers Review 2018 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

 Lots of good, not much bad and ugly.

So what did I make in 2018?
I made 33 different items

The Eastern Jewels Blanket - just finished

Art, Felt and other crafts
Several needle felted brooches
Lots of printmaking
A self-portrait and 70+ pieces for my exhibition

Sewing -
1 1/2 quilts - haven't finished the 2nd one.
11 Dresses
11 Tops
3 jackets/ waistcoats
1 skirt
3 jeans/ trousers
2 pairs of undies

That's quite a lot of stuff, of these things about 10 were made for others.

First up, the bad and ugly. These were the fails of my year.

I made a Gingham cami top from a Burda style magazine pattern. Nothing really wrong with it. I just didn't feel comfy in it. It's not really me - Never worn.

Secondly was the ruffle dress I made. I really liked the pattern and the fit was fine. I think I chose the wrong fabric for this make. I used a polyester slinky jersey for the dress and it looked fine, but I decided that the colour was not quite me and I really don't do well in polyester. I'd love to make this again, but in a darker fabric and not a synthetic, something I can team with boots and tights. - gifted to a friend

The third was a brown cropped Jacket that I embroidered. I didn't make this. It had been sat in my wardrobe for a couple of years and I just hadn't worn it. I thought if I embroidered it I'd actually wear it, but it just didn't seem to look right with any of my other clothes so despite loving this I gifted it.

What about the Good?

These were the successful makes of the year. Some I've worn a lot, others not so much, but I do love them.

Most worn: Pigs Might Fly dress. My hubby bought me the fabric for Christmas last year and I made the dress in January. I've worn it all year.

Surprisingly successful make, Ikea Fabric Culottes.  A friend gave me a boatload of fabric including a panel of Ikea fabric. so I made the culottes and wore them all summer. Going to make more.

Love but not worn much: The Sew Over It Eve dress in Royal Blue and my Franken pattern shift dress. I love both of these and need to wear them more.

Successful Refashions: First up was my wedding dress, which I refashioned for our 25th Anniversary. I've worn it a couple of times since and I think it will get some wear over the summer.

Secondly: Refashioned Cambie. I made the Cambie a couple of years ago from some Ikea fabric and found the bodice just didn't suit me, so I made a new front bodice with some spare fabric and used the existing back of the dress. I wear this a lot for work.

Best pattern: The Assembly Line Hoodie Dress - I've made two and I wear them a lot - so comfy, I'm planning a summer version without the hood.

Finally, I made Ginger jeans. the fit is pretty good for a first pair, but the fabric is not the best quality. However, they get plenty of wear. I'm wearing them right now.

So what have I learnt about sewing? I want to make more for others. I'll be making a prom dress, wedding dress and another shirt for my hubby this year, and more besides. I also realised I hate ditsy florals - fine for lining, but really not into it. Big bold abstract flowers are fine, but chintzy style stuff is not me. I do love spots, I love big prints and unusual designs. I love plain fabrics. I love the feel of natural fibres on my skin and I wear cardigans with everything so I really should learn to knit.

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  1. Since I've discovered it, I've received a lot of inspiration from your blog. Thanks! I also love abstracts and unusual designs, and really loved the Ikea print culottes. Very cool! Happy New Year!


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