Thursday, 25 August 2011


 Whoo Hoo. Finally it's arrived! I have my new sewing machine. This was a p[resent for my birthday, but as i've been away, it arrived yesterday. It's a  Janome CS1000 from Cooper's sewing machines. I decided on this model as it's mechanical; has a good range of stitches, including stretch stitches; one step button hole; auto foot pressure and was good value for money. I'd looked at lots of different types of machine, some were fantastic - but out of my price range. I'd have loved an industrial machine - but don't have the space for one.

Anyway - I got to try it out today. My mum has had a wrap dress pattern and fabric for years and had not got around to making it up. I offered to make it for her. So mad rush ensured as I realised she's off to Spain on Tuesday and its Bank Holiday on Monday. so I had to get it made and posted today = epic sewing session.
The Machine worked really well - smooth and even pressure, good stitch tension and it handled the slippy fabric really well. It's the first time I've ever owned a brand new machine and I hope to have it for a long time. It's even got a serger setting!

I now have to decide what to do with the lovely fabrics I brought back from my trip. I have about 12m of fabric in 6 different types. 3 Silks - that cost around £5.50p/m from a tailor's shop in Hong Kong and 3 cotton mixes that were about £1.50p/m. In shocking pink, black polka dot and a pink and white floral. Plans are forming...
ooh and I got a top and dress from the local charity bus for 10p!

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  1. Love the dress, well done. I have a Janome a bit old now but love it and the auto buttonhole is a godsend.

  2. Hello there, officially following ya from social parade friday. :)( absolutely lovely blog here and great reads.. Looking forward to indulging more in your world.. :)) I'm Marilyn from
    hope you can stop by sometime ;))

  3. Thanks Marilyn. I'll ge following you too.

  4. Congrats on your new machine! Lovely dress! Enjoy! POP ART MINIS

  5. Congrats on the new the dress you've made... :)

  6. lovely dress and a new machine! I always wished I could sew.

  7. Marvelous dress ~ well done ~ and very stylish ~ bet Mum loved it ~ thanks for sharing ~ namaste, Carol ~ (Share the Creative Journey) Happy SS ^_^

  8. Your machine looks wonderful. I got a brand new Janome 20 years ago and it is still humming along. It's been tuned up a couple of times, but it has been a great little machine. It is just a basic one. I would love to have one that has a serger stitch. That would be wonderful, I wasn't aware that you could get that.
    Have a lovely day,

  9. Sweet dress! I am sure your mom will love it...and I am sure you'll think of plenty to do with all the fabric!
    cheers, dana


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