Sunday, 12 February 2012

Alice Part 1

Sewing seams
It's not long until world book day.
Every year the kids school has a "dress up as your favourite book character" day. usually with about two days notice!
So This year we are getting prepared early. Bethan decided she wanted to go as Alice in Wonderland, she also wanted to learn how to sew. Ideal opportunity for her to begin.

Armed with the back up sewing machine (hers) we began.

I drafted a pattern based on the the Rhianna Dress I made for her before Christmas. together we cut it out of some pale blue sheeting.

Under direction, Bethan cut out, cut notches, sewed and pressed darts, shoulder and side seams on the outer and lining (same fabric). I did the peter pan collar and under stitched it.

And that was enough - 8 year olds only have a short attention span.

Progress so far


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