Tuesday, 21 February 2012

UFO or (WIP)

I have far to many unfinished objects in my house at the moment. And here was me thinking I'd get loads done over half term. The truth is I've done very little. Even my sister commented on my lack of blogging!

I started the Alice dress - still to be finished.
The Alice dress - in progress

I have final Bridesmaid dress muslins to get made up.
I have three UFO refashioning projects to complete.

One of my refashioning projects that needs more work.
Oh and just keeping on top of everything else that you just need to do in life.

So what did I get  up to last week?

I got a lovely Willow heart from my hubby on Valentines day (we make each other things).

Me and My Eldest Son on Lindisfrane
We spent Wednesday up on Holy Island (Lindisfarne) doing a treasure trails treasure hunt. These are available for all over the UK and it's a great way to spend a couple hours. Our eldest son, who usually complains bitterly when asked to walk anywhere, loved it!

Thursday was spent trying and failing to keep the house tidy! and writing reports for school.

Friday we shopped and helped out with a Christians Against Poverty pamper event. We were even treated to a family portrait while we were there.


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