Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Encouraging Christian Growth

Last weekend I attended a local Christian Conference all Encouraging Christian Growth. It's a great weekend where Christians from lots of local Churches get together to worship, chat, catch up and share what God is doing in their lives.

Worship was led by Adam Carmichael (from Christian band THE STEELS) and musicians form the area. The speaker was Jeff Lucas, who is well known in the UK although he is a pastor in a church in Colorado these days. He's a gifted and humorous speaker, who has the ability to make you laugh and get across the point with clarity. He was speaking on Running the Race. Get hold of some of his books, they are easy to read with a clear message.

In addition to the worship and speaker, there are a selection of seminars. This year I was asked to provide an alternative seminar (read workshop) and delivered an introduction to printmaking. It was short and sweet and we had loads of fun!

I also attended a Pilates session on the Sunday. It was great and I'll be looking out for a local class to try. Have any of you tried Pilates - what do you think of it?


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