Sunday, 1 July 2012

Productive, non productive day.

Saturday is our Non productive day - this usually means it's the most productive of all, but usually in a creative way. I was planning to get on with the bridesmaid dresses, but I got caught up in the bottling process!

We had a load of wine that needed bottling and racking. so I spent the morning scraping labels off wine bottles and sterilising them. We bottled our apple wine - quite dry, a red - which I think was elderberry - fruity and quite sweet, more like a port in taste.  We also made this year's batch of Elderflower cordial. Recipe here!, it's now ready to be put in bottles and we made double this year as it doesn't seem to last long. John has also started off a batch of Elderflower wine and Elderflower champagne, Can't wait to try them.

I had discovered Cai's school shoes had a hole in the sole, so with just 3 weeks of school left we had to get him new school shoes :(. We headed to the nearest Clarks outlet at Royal Quays. Thankfully they had a sale on. so not only did we get Cai's shoes we also got Ieuan some as well. His were half price :) however due to his immense growth spurt he is now in size 9 shoes!

I finally got around to a bit of sewing on the bridesmaid dresses at about 9pm last night.


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