Monday, 13 August 2012


I haven't deserted the blogging world, but I'm sooo busy that I just don't have time for a proper post.
I spent the last two weeks sewing everyday. trying my best to get the wedding sewing done before my self imposed deadline of Wednesday.
The Wedding isn't until Mid September, but I want all the major construction done before I have a holiday. The dress is mostly done, just the lining to attach in the bodice, fastening on the waist stay and hem.
The coat and trousers have quite a bit more to be done on them. I constructed the shell of the coat today. cut out the lining and sewed the welt pocket on the back of the trousers (not easy in thick, fulled wool!).
I'll take a break tomorrow as it's Cai's Birthday and we'll be doing some stuff together.
So on Wednesday I hope to - Line the coat; finish the trousers apart from the fastening and the hem. I might even pin on some of the decorative braid.
will try and give you a sneak peak tomorrow.


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