Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Bridesmaid Dresses

Finally I can post some photos of the bridesmaid dresses I made for Bob & Jessie's wedding. I don't have any of my own photos yet, but can share some of my friends. The dresses were quite unusual colouring for a summer wedding; being rust, red and plum, but they looked stunning together.

I was very aware when constructing these to make sure they were secure. there is nothing worse than a strapless dress that feels insecure and needs to be constantly pulled up. I made an inner bodice with boning and waist stay and then attached the shell to the top edge. All the dresses were self drafted and I did not use a pattern as they were quite simple. the skirt is simply semi circular and the bodice is princess seamed.

The fabric was a crepe and quite delicate, the sashes were made from habotai silk edged in Northumberland tartan ribbon (to match Bob's kilt) and a cotton flower braid.

The Bridesmaids and Ushers travelled to the wedding in the back of Annie - Bob's Landrover. It was decked out in white and flowers in the back. certainly a unique from of wedding transport!

I'll share more Photos when I have them.
Photos: Rachel Caisley


  1. Wow - you made a really good job of the dresses - they look fab. Love the back of the landrover pic!

  2. What a stylish way to travel!

    The bridesmaid's dresses look fantastic... you must be so relieved to see how great they look, as it always so hard making dresses for such an important occasion. I could never get up the courage to go to a wedding where I had made the the dresses... and yes, I am a coward! :)

  3. The bridemaids look stunning. Your amazing being able to create without a pattern and do the boning. I think the sash really sets the dresses off. Hope everyone had a lovely day.
    Ali x

  4. Pretty bridesmaid dresses. And the landrover was a very cool idea

  5. The dresses look pretty and elegant, well done you! The landrover was a fantastic idea. We had one once and went up on the moor one boxing day in the snow. 12 of us sat and had a picnic in it. Great fun! Looks like a fantastic day was had by all!

  6. I can't believe you did those without a pattern! Awesome job, I just love them (and that you made them strapless but that they don't cause you to constantly have to pull them up, that drives me crazy!) Excellent!

  7. Wow - they are amazing. Everyone looks like they had a great time so they must have been comfortable as well as looking good. Well done. How lovely to be able to create something so special.

  8. They turned out great! Strapless dresses are no easy feat. These ones look like they fit perfectly. Thanks for sharing at Etcetorize this week!


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