Sunday, 21 October 2012

Abbey Coat WIP

Almost there
Well I finally got started on the Abbey coat this week. I cut out the fabric and fused the interfacing over a couple of nights and did the buttonholes on Friday evening. It's the first time I've actually used bound buttonholes and I was surprised how easy they were. I used a patch method and cut the patch on the bias. I also used a patch on the facing, but without the welt strips.

Adding buttonholes
My Red gaberdine looks great and the floral cotton lining is a nice alternative to the usual lining fabric. The gaberdine creases a little more easily than I'd like, but hey, you live and learn!

Pressing Lining/ facing seam
The pattern instructions were really easy to follow and I know I will use the construction method I learnt to make other jackets (next project = suit for work). I did alter the pattern slightly, I didn't want a 3/4 sleeve with a placket, it was not the style I was after, so I lengthened the sleeves and tapered them to a suitable wrist diameter.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday and this afternoon working on this and It's almost finished. I just need to catch the reverse of the buttonholes together and add buttons. and it needs a good press.

Back facing and lining

Top Stitching - collar

It needs a good press!

On the pressing note - I needed an new ironing board as mine was rather unstable and prone to falling apart, not to mention that fact that it wasn't high enough. Got a new one from IKEA which is a good height and only cost £9. Bargain!


  1. Fabulous colour and I love the lining too. It looks terribly complicated and I am in awe of you for making it look so wonderful.

    1. It was actually very easy, surprisingly so.

  2. The coat is looking really good (and well made too). I love IKEA for basic stuff.

  3. Your coat is gorggeeous. I love the colour and the way you have given snap shots of the work progressing.

  4. Looks great! Would love to buy one from you. xx

  5. Beautiful jacket! The lining really makes it! And I might try your ironing board recommendation too: I've got a wodge of cardboard taped to the feet on mine to stop it wobbling - perhaps it's time for an upgrade! ;)

  6. What a beautiful coat. Really great colour, and interesting to see your techniques.

  7. Love the colour and the lining material you have chosen. It is looking really good.

  8. Gorgeous coat and I love the flowery lining.
    Ali x

  9. Just visiting as a fellow guest from Danielle's Sunday Blog Hop! A little late, but better that than never. Enjoyed this post, and think your sewing abilities are great! Used to do a lot, but once the girls left home and were able to make their own, I've not done much. Quilting took up some time, but now I'm into toys: much more satisfying - to me, at any rate!

    Will be following, to see what you get up to next, and meanwhile would like to invite you over to my blog at Think you would both enjoy the visit, and we'd all love to see you there! If you'd care to Follow us too, and comment, that would be terrific!

    All the best. Isobel

  10. Now that's what I call proper sewing!

  11. oooh! I love it! Can't wait to see it in real life! :-)


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