Tuesday, 30 October 2012

This is taking sooooo much longer than I planned.

I started making this blazer from Burdastyle almost as soon as I'd finished my Abbey coat/ jacket.
I used a similar construction method, rather than making the lining in a contrast as I wanted a jacket for work. After the success of the coat, I'd become rather too confident and decided to go ahead without making a muslin. - what A fool I am!

All started well, I constructed the shell and the lining - all going well, I inserted the sleeves and attached the lining to the shell - still great. then I turned it and thought I'd have a quick try on before finishing the buttonholes. It's good job I did.  It looked awful, way to baggy through the upper back and the bust was ill shaped too, there was little definition of the waist and it looked like a sack. thankfully the fabric wasn't expensive!

I ummed and ahhhed for a bit about weather to write it off as a bad job or do something about it. As I only have one jacket for work i decided to sort it out. I measured my work jacket across the back, it was a good 2 inches narrower. So stitch ripper to the ready. I turned the jacket, determined to make the alterations without having to do a complete remake, and took the back seams in. 1/2 inch of each at the upper back increasing to 3/4 inch at the waist.

I kept the centre front pieces as they were, but reduced the fullness in the side front pieces by about 1/2 inch in each side. After checking the fit I pressed the seams open. Just need to make the same alterations to the lining now.

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