Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas onesies

I've mentioned that i'd done a bit of sewing based Christmas pressies this year. I made a couple of fleece hats and some onesies for my sister, my sister in law and my friends two girls. they chose the fabric back in November and I took measurements and got to work!

They were all inspired by the one made for my daughter earlier in the year. I bought the fleece from Abakhan fabrics in the UK. The girls and my sister's were made from micro fleece my sister in law's was made from pink fluffy cuddle fleece. I think it's fair to say they went down well!

Pattern: selfdrafted
Fabric: fleece
Today's soundtrack: Ellie Goulding -  Halcyon (one of my Christmas pressies).


  1. I think if I had one of these I'd never take it off, my house is so cold! These seem really hard to make to me.

  2. They look really pleased with your gift :)

  3. They look really comfy and it's the latest craze - apparently !?

  4. I love these! If I lived where it ever got cold I think I'd wear one myself! Very nice.


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