Sunday, 30 December 2012

Well that was a busy year - what next?

This was my creative list for 2012.
  1. Avoid buying new clothes unless necessary - so that means self made, thrifted and refashioned.
  2. Make items from Pattern Magic.
  3. Make movie inspired outfits (see previous post).
  4. Make the bridesmaid dresses for my friends wedding.
  5. Make the wedding dress of another friend.
  6. Create more art - painting.
  7. Create clothing inspired by my art or wearable art.
  8. Get better at taking photos!
So did I achieve any of it? - yes but not all!

1. I really did cut down on buying new clothes - in fact since 31st Dec 2011 I have only bought a few items -  Underwear and a vest, well needed and I haven't got into making my own smalls yet; and I visited the sales yesterday. I'd been given vouchers for Christmas and when given a voucher it is quite reasonable to buy clothes with them, especially when they are for clothes shops. So I bought a blouse, cardigan and bracelets from Monsoon and a scarf from Whitestuff. I'll certainly be continuing with the handmade and thrifted clothing though. It's much more interesting that buying what everyone else is buying.

2. I attempted 2 pattern magic designs, they both worked, but weren't really suitable for my shape. I still have my eye on a couple of the bow tops to try.

3. I failed at this - only making 2 movie inspired outfits throughout the year.

4 & 5. I did three lots of wedding sewing. My friends 20's inspired dress, Bridesmaid dresses for another friend and bride and groom's outfits for a rather more unique wedding in September. I am now really interested in sewing bridal wear and would love to learn more about it.

6. I didn't do much art :(  I am in the process of sorting that. I have a lot of ideas and rather than making large scale paintings I'm going to work on smaller scale work and use my ideas for developing textiles based pieces, which brings me on to 7. I didn't do this either, but now I have an Idea and I'm going to try to develop it over this year - watch this space!

8. I am still rubbish at taking photos, but I do try to use a good camera when I can, then at least I can play a little on photoshop.

So what's new for next year?

  1. Quality time with my family, sharing hobbies having fun etc.
  2. Taking opportunities - whenever they present themselves.
  3. learning more about God and his plan for mine and my family's lives.
  4. Spend Saturdays relaxing with my family.
  5. Spend time with friends
  6. Go to China on a short term team with International China Concern.
  7. Sew a corset.
  8. Tailor a jacket.
  9. Sew for others (I have too many clothes - apart from Tops)
  10. Create bridal wear.
  11. Create clothing based on my art work.
  12. Try more pattern magic designs.
  13. Sort the house - it's desperate for a declutter and redecorate.
  14. Learn to quilt.
  15. Use my skills to serve others.

Blimey - that's a long list, we'll see how far we get shall we!

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