Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Gertie Bow Blouse

I had Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing at Christmas and have been pouring over the pages ever since trying to decide what I'd make first.

This is my first make from the book and it was soooo easy to follow the instructions. The patterns are printed on several sheets in a envelope at the front of the book. Before opening this envelope I had visions of a Burdastyle magazine style mass of many lines to decipher. To my joy the patterns were very clearly laid out and although they did need to be traced it was very easy to do.

I read a few reviews from people who'd made this up and many commented that the neckline was very tight. So before I started on the fabric I made alterations to the neck edge and neck band.

Gertie's example piece is made in a quite substantial fabric, while I had this quite lightweight silk, that I picked up in Hong Kong 2 years ago, so I wasn't quite sure how it would work in this style.

It was easy and quick to sew up. The hand stitched sleeve hems took the longest time. I did them while watching the Great British Sewing Bee last night - I really would like to see Lauren win.

I wore my blouse to work today (I'm an art teacher and I had a rather messy day today - not good when wearing a silk blouse!)

My husband took the photos when I got home - no creases! now that's the type of fabric I like. The blouse is really comfortable and easy to wear, and cool - which is a good thing in my overheated classroom!

I'll definitely be making this again and as styled in the book I think I'll make a pencil skirt to match it with. The skirt I'm wearing today is from White Stuff.


  1. It's a really beautiful blouse! I love the silk.
    I know a little about Gertie's style, I recently started following her blog, but I haven't seen her book in real life. Hopefully I'll get a hold of it one day.

    You're thinking about making a pencil skirt to match it up with, so I'll dare myself to be a little bold, and ask if you'd consider a pencil skirt pattern, that I've made. :)
    I've made a Lucinda skirt patter for, which is a pencil skirt with pockets.

    I'd be delighted to give it to you if you'd do me the honor to make it. :D

    hope it wasn't too cheeky of me to ask.

  2. Love those buttons down the back, beautiful!

  3. I love the buttons in the back too, they are a very elegant touch.
    But I'll have to admit, I can't imagine having to button it before work every morning. I would have to put a stealth zipper in the side.

  4. What a cute blouse! And it's great that it's practical and cool as well. Lovely!

  5. This is lovely. The buttons down the back and the bow are great features. The fabric looks so soft, and I can't believe it doesn't wrinkle.

  6. Wow. It is beautiful. you look far to nicely dressed for an art teacher!

  7. The blouse looks lovely, I'm a big fan of fabrics that don't crease :)
    The colour is beautiful and it really suits you. Great photo's too.

    Jan x

  8. Really pretty blouse and very elegant in your choice of fabric too.

  9. You've done a great job, the blouse is beautiful. The fabric is such a lovely colour.

  10. It looks lovely and if that is how it stays after a day teaching then it's very wearable too. The bow and buttons are a nice understated addition and it looks very nice on.

  11. That's a lovely blouse. Lovely fabric, lovely design, beautifully made

  12. Gorgeous - working with lovely fabric is such a joy isn't it :) It's a really good idea to check online for others' feedback before you get cracking, must remember that! I can't decide between Ann and Lauren - but to be honest my main concern is how much I'm going to miss the show after the final (and especially Patrick)! ;)

  13. The blouse looks wonderful, especially after a day at work. I've had a peek at Gertie's book and wondered if it was worth investing in, thanks for the info.
    Ali x

  14. What a lovely blouse. The colour is lovely and it hangs beautifully.

  15. Love this! I love to sew and will have to look at that book. The blouse is fabulous with the tie and the button back. The color is wonderful Looks fantastic, really really nice. So glad to have found your blog through New Nostalgia linky party.

    Please come link this great post on our Brag About It linky party going on now. We would be honored. Thanks and all the best! Denise (and Sharon too!)

  16. A lovely feminine blouse!!! I love the fact that it's made from silk... non crease, cool to wear and so soft.

  17. Nice! I have Gertie's book also and this blouse is on my to do list. Yours look great!!


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