Friday, 3 January 2014

January Sales Hell or why I Sew.

Today I braved the sales. I was quite looking forward to it.

We headed out to Newcastle and had lunch at Lau's 202. It's one of the newest Chinese buffets in town and I hadn't tried it yet, so family lunch it was, great food at a good price and enough variety to keep the whole family happy.

I'd been given vouchers for Next, and had needed to return a gift that was too small to M&S, so I had a credit note and voucher for there too.

Me and the girly headed into next and let the boys head off to the guitar shops, I had a quick browse through the sale items, but there was nothing that cried buy me! After almost 40 minutes just looking at stuff I decided to buy new exercise wear, my old jogging trousers are very faded and tatty, so as nothing else called buy me, I bought joggers, 3 long sleeve t's and a red belt. 

Then M&S, I again browsed the sale rails without any inspiration, and felt old, the average age of shoppers was about 20 years older than me. I do like M&S undies and sleep wear, but I'd had new stuff at Christmas and wasn't looking for more. I did try on 3 dresses, but they didn't fit, or look great, and I actually quite liked one of them, but the dart placement on the bodice was really odd. I didn't buy anything. 

The Girly had money to spend and as she didn't like anything in M&S, we headed to Primark. There are always lots of choices, piled high and sold cheap, but if I'm honest the style options are much more me than M&S! However I don't hold with the ethics of Cheap fashion so I bought nothing, but the girly bought two items a gold Lycra circle skirt and a pair of shorts. I did suggest that she could use some of her money to buy some fabric to make her own clothes, but high fashion wins out sometimes. 

After meeting up with the rest of the family we headed back to M&S and bought new towels (nice ones) to go in our bathroom, once it's been done!

It all goes to remind me why I sew.  I can make the style I want, the colour I like and make it fit. I'm not against RTW, but I'm becoming increasingly picky about where I'll buy from. On the positive side today, my replacement shoes came from Yoma. I had some for Christmas but they were the wrong size, Yoma's customer service was excellent and my new shoes are wonderful. If you haven't looked at Yoma shoes, get over there and take a peak.

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