Monday, 13 January 2014

Love hope and opportunity

 In April I'm off to China to help International China Concern on a short term team.

My daughter and I will be joining a team to one of the projects and will be helping disabled and abandoned children and young people. These children need extra love and care, as there are still rather a lot of children to each carer, they need someone to play, hold, cuddle, smile, teach and most importantly LOVE them. These teams have a real impact and can help massively with the socialisation and physical development of the children.

I first went out on a team in 2007 and it had a life changing impact! I hope that it will have the same impact on my daughter, she has such a loving heart and is so keen to help other people, this is a real opportunity to do this together. I know I've shared about this Charity several time before, we've been fundraising for the last year and have covered flights and visas, we now need to cover our team fees.

We need to raise around £2000. If 400 people gave just £5 we'd meet our target.

I'd love it if you would consider partnering with us as we step out to help others. I will keep all my sponsors up to date with our progress and what we do on the team.
See more over at Sponsume.

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