Sunday, 20 March 2016

Testing Testing

I'm doing some pattern testing at the moment so I can't share what I'm making, but this is a glimpse of the fabric I'm using. I'll share more once the pattern is released.

This weekend we also decided that the dog needed a hair cut. This is something we've done ourselves for a while, but on this occassion it was rather tricky. Daisy has become rather matted over the winter months as she often gets wet. The clippers would just not go thriugh the mats in her fur, so it was back to scissors and comb. I've got the worst of it out and will comb out the rest and tidy her up next week. I'll do her tail and ears then too.

I've also been looking for a summer dress pattern that I can use for travelling. I'd been looking at the Kielo Dress by Named. Initially I had not given this a second glance as I hated the fabric choice on the promo version. But recently I've been seeing some lovely versions around the web.

I love this Knee length version from Busy Lizzie.

And this one from Donna at Sew Independent.

Now I'm just on the look out for some nice fabric for my own version.


  1. That fabric is gorgeous!
    Oh my goodness you got so much hair off your dog. I bet she feels better for her haircut.

  2. I like the Donna dress! Your fabric is pretty.

  3. I love that dress - and also the dog's haircut, though you're brave to do it yourself! Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo


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