Wednesday, 31 August 2011

First Self Drafted Blouse

So here is my very first self drafted blouse. It feels lovely and soft. I do need to make a few adjustments - take in under the arm hole and I want to add some self coloured hand made flowers above the pleats on the yoke - I'm thinking about 3?
sorry about the poor photo - only had my iphone handy!

Pop over to Tea Rose Home and see what other people are up to.


  1. OmiGOSH, this is FABULOUS!! It'll be even more so with the flowers!

    Deborah (visiting from

  2. i love tops in this style,also would love to know how you made it. well done!!

  3. Very pretty blouse. Flowers wil be pretty too.

  4. Great job! How about a removeable flower brooch? That way you could wear it both ways (and add the flowers to another outfit too).

  5. This is fabulous! The flowers will make a great detail!

  6. I haven't any word to appreciate this post.Thanks a lot for sharing.... Looking forward to reading your next post.


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