Thursday, 1 September 2011

A new start & self stitched September

Well - how to begin?
Today is a new start. I have been made redundant from my job and the world seems full of new opportunities. I'm not sure what they are, but I'm sure they'll be many. I feel well and healthy - not something I could have said a few months ago.

I have experienced some of the hardest moments of my life during the last year. I have suffered depressive illness, been bullied at work and found freedom and release in my creative activities. My family (especially my Husband) have supported me every step of the way and have been my backbone. My faith has been attacked and I wondered why all this happened - but ultimately I know that God has a plan for my life and I'm willing to trust him for everything I need.

I started a new Job a year ago - looking forward to challenges and new things, I was excited and ready to give it my all. If you'd have told me then that in a year I would have been redundant, I'd have panicked and thought you were mad. However right now it is the most "right" thing to be.

I thank God for getting me through the last few months, for the amazing friends I've been provided with and the support they've given me and John.

There was a time when I felt useless and pathetic, not good at anything, but I found self esteem in my art work and sewing (which I rediscovered recently). I used my art as threapy and produced enough work to stage a one woman show. I sold work to fund my trip to China with International China Concern - which was amazing btw.and I'll continue to help support their work.
John & Bethan @ Beaumaris Castle on Anglesey

It has to be said my family are amazing, I've been so well loved and supported and my recovery has a lot to do with them. I've changed my world view, the way I see work and education - overall I think my values have changed -but that's another story!

And so it was that yesterday was my last official day at work - today I made a claim for Jobseekers allowance (and prayed that I won't be on it too long); Met up with the fabulous Judy and Allison for Lunch; looked for buttons for my top (without success); and cut out some of the fabric I'd bought back from China - more to follow.
September 1st - reworked sweater worn with a vest tom and charity shop jeans

Oh and I signed up for self stitched September - now that will be a challenge.

Apologies if my ranting is rather incoherent - I've had two glasses of John's lovely clear sparkling Cider and it's gone to my head:)


  1. Sorry to hear you have had such a rough time recently. Certainly sounds like you have a great supportive family and that the world most definately is now your oyster! I'm really pleased that you have chosen to take on the SSS '11 challenge as a form of creative therapy. I wish you all the best this month, and please don't concern yourself about repeating garments or anything like that. Repeating garments is how normal women dress themselves! The difference is that your repeats will be the fruits of your creativity! xxx

  2. Thanks for that Zoe - I'm just loving making things at the moment - feel and art week coming though - oooh and we need to decorate - guess I'll be doing that as well. No rest for the wicked eh?


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