Wednesday, 7 September 2011


First up - SSS'11
Yesterday I wore the refashioned man's shirt I made earlier this year and realised it's still too big! Today I wore the same thing as I did on day 1.

Secondly - the schools are finally back! John took the boys off to school and I walked Bethan to school. New school building and it was slightly chaotic, although the staff were great at directing everyone. So I had peace and quiet for a while today - I just don't seem to get much done. I've made loads of phone calls, been to sign on - hopefully not for much longer - and done a bit of painting.

I've started 4 new paintings. they never look much to begin with, and as I like to slap the paint on I need to leave it to dry. I have a short attention span and this method of working usually suits me. I constantly flit from one thing to another - whatever i'm doing, and my brain is always thinking about what else I need to do. I'm trying to hold off on the sewing this week and concentrate on the visual art for a bit. I have some ideas I want to work through - then I want to marry the two together and create some fabric designs.

Thirdly - I'm searching for a job. I'm applying for stuff, but would love to consider using my creative pursuits to make a living. I'm realistic about this - making money out of art and craft is difficult (well to make enough to live off is), but I'm beginning to think about how I might use my teaching skills and art skills to develop some sort of business. Suggestions gratefully appreciated!

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