Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing day dip and trying out the pressies.

This morning was the annual Boxing Day Dip in Newbiggin by the Sea. Where all sorts of folk gather to brave the freezing North Sea for a charity. some run straight in and out while others linger in the icy water slightly longer.
This year my eldest son and his friends decided to take part... They were the type that linger a little longer before complaining of the cold, and head home for a warm bath and hot chocolate.

After our traditional (and favourite) meal of cold meat and chips I decided to have a look at the sewing items that John had bought me. First I got out the overlocker, it was second hand, and already threaded, all be it rather tangled. So I set about untangling the threads and gave it a go. Wow first time I've ever used one and I'm impressed. Still have to get to grips with it though.

I would really welcome some advice on the best way to use my overlocker as a beginner - what should I attempt to do on it? What should I avoid?

I also checked that the invisible zipper foot and darning foot fitted me sewing machine. In the words of Kirstie Allsop - Free machine embroidery is the crack cocaine of the sewing world!


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