Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Reality Check

My ambitions and ideas far out way my skill - FACT.
I love designing and making things - FACT
My drafting skills leave a lot to be desired - FACT
I can draft, but it's not perfect.

I spent most of today (after cleaning the kids rooms) working on self drafted projects. I made the muslin for Bethan's Rihanna dress. and did some work on one of the bridesmaid dresses I'm making.

I have several ideas for the dress, and it will be the first time I've used a boned bodice. I've made a muslin, but am not sure how it will fit/ hang when tried on. It looks OK on Vera (my dress form), but not sure how it will fit Nikki - who will be wearing it. Time for a fitting, methinks.

I need to take it a bit easier on myself with regards to the things I'm going to make.
I will use patterns to make my stuff and will adapt them.
I will clear my stash of fabric.
I need to do a pattern cutting course - properly.

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