Thursday, 1 August 2013


I'm sure you all know how great Bernina sewing machines are. I've been on the look out for one for a while. The school I used to work in had 4 basic Bernina machines and they were amazing. despite all the silly things kids did with them, they continued to work well and with a little TLC produced lovely stitches every time.

Well I managed to get my hands on a Vintage Bernina at a reasonable price, it was sold as spares or repair as it hadn't been tested and had been a school machine, so had a few scratches and was a bit dirty. As soon as it arrived , it was out of the box and tested. The stitches were generally even, but the tension was a little tight. As it was such an old machine I had it serviced straight away. A friend of mine services machines for Sew Green in Lancaster and as he was in the North East to visit family he brought his tools and made sure the machine as in tip top condition.

Now I just need to decide which will be the first sewing project for my new "old" machine, and I need to get a few bobbins and a couple of essential feet.

How many of you sew on a Bernina? what is your favourite make of machine?

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