Thursday, 22 August 2013

Landscape paintings for the 30 30 30 Challenge

Cheviot Hills, Northumberland. Acrylic
I live in the beautiful county of Northumberland, England. we have it all! Stunning beaches, old castles, rolling hills, market towns and all within about an hour from home. To top it all off, Newcastle is only 15 miles away , so we have access to all that city life brings as well, when we want it.

Tree, Mixed Media

The paintings I'm working on at the moment are all landscapes, I've been working on 4 all at once, layering, gluing, painting, spraying. building up layers of washes and also areas of heavy body paint. I almost forgot I had some super heavy body paint and I'd forgotten how much I like using it, until I started applying it to these paintings the other day.

I have been working out in the garden as it's been sunny and warm and I've even hung the paintings to dry on the line with my washing. I've now completed 20 images (I think) that means there's just 10 to go.

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