Saturday, 3 August 2013


It's not a word that make you think of beautiful is it? But I've seen images of people who are undergoing chemotherapy and have lost their hair and there is something beautiful and stunning about seeing someones face with it's bone structure evident and not covered by hair.

Chemo, ball point pen and coloured pencil

A friend of mine has had aggressive breast cancer in the last couple of years and has undergone several surgeries as well as Chemotherapy. She is a remarkable person, and sees her time having chemo as part of the aspects of her life that that have contributed to who she is. As part of my 30 30 30 challenge she asked me to create a portrait of her, based on a photograph of her during her Chemotherapy.

Chemo, Oil paint
I found myself so taken with the image that I created two versions, one in pen and coloured pencil and one in oils. I have to say working on these pieces have been my favourite work so far in the challenge and it's been a privilege to be able to create a portrait of my friend from such a challenging time of her life. She has agreed that I can share these with you. I hope you agree that she is stunning and beautiful.

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