Friday, 25 October 2013

Come on baby light my fire - well my lantern anyway

I was fortunate enough to get a place on the lantern making workshop, run by the Bait project at Woodhorn Museum. I've never made a lantern before, although I've done a little bit or work with wiillow, but not very successfully.  This was opportunity to learn some tricks from the professionals before working on the project with a group of students at school next half term.

We learnt how to cut the willow safely and a few tips on joining pieces securely.
A wire loop is attached for hanging the lantern.

The Tissue paper is cut to size before gluing on. This is not just ordinary tissue - its called wet strength tissue as it's less likely to disintegrate when wet and dries taught and strong.

The PVA glue is watered down and sponged onto the covered table, before the tissue paper is laid on it, covered with glue and then very carefully applied to the frame.

One layer of tissue is applied, before the decoration is added - in our case we used black craft paper. then another layer of the tissue is added - sandwiching the design between the two layers.

These lanterns looked stunning, and although they were a little soggy to take home, the final dried versions look great. I cant wait to do these with my students.

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