Friday, 11 October 2013

Spinning Plates.

That's what it feels like I've been doing this week. Work is soooooo busy and getting time to keep up with the blog is rather difficult at the moment. It can feel like my creativity is being sucked out of me at times - which I find very frustrating!

I am sewing in short bursts and am still working on the jacket I started  way back in August. it's slow going and I'm sick of the sleeves! One went in perfectly and the other - it's just rubbish. no matter how I adjust it it's wrong. I think I might have stretched the fabric after setting it and resetting it so many times. I'm going to give it one more go, then whatever it looks like will have to do!

I'm also in the process of sewing 9 bodices for a scene in Phantom of the Opera, which is the school performance this year. They are basted together - lining fabric only. I'll check fit on Monday and then I can start with the shell layer - Satin! ugh!

I have a few other projects in the back of my mind, My Daughter wants a particular costume and i've yet to start on that. Must do it this week! - what do you think? Pretty?

I have some clothes for the Swap last month that need a refashion and I'm beginning to think about what I'll do. I also have the Anna Pattern and have to get some good fabric to make it up in.

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