Friday, 1 January 2016

Well Hello there! Long time no see.

It's been a while. I only managed 23 posts last year and the last one was way back in October. It seems life has been rather busy and blogging was the one thing that went by the by. 2015 has been a strange year, good and bad, but nothing dreadful!

I look back and see I've been quite productive on the sewing front, but not quite so much on the art front, and this is something I want to get back to. I've decided that I will create art that I like and that is not necessarily commercial - If people want to buy it then great. If not it doesn't matter - it's my creative outlet.

I have sewn much this year, much of it has been unblogged as there have been gifts and just very little time in between projects. I'd like to use my blog to document more of my creative process this year and show things that inspire me.

So what did I create last year?

I created 5 new paintings for an exhibition in March. 3 of which are sold and 2 are in a local gallery.
I spent a day printmaking with my friend Alli, in which we made an awesome mess. Unfortunately the worlk I made didn't really inspire me to go further with it.
I refashioned a sweater into a cradigan and old jeans into a jacket.
I redyed some shoes.
Made a jacket for my Mother in law, Dress for mum, and one for my sister too.
Made a shirt for my Brother in law.
I made myself 5 dresses, two tops and a corset.
I also did a lot of sewing for Christmas - Pj's, dresses, bags, tops, a coat and a fabric trophy reindeer.
I attended workshops on Feltmaking, silk paper making, applique and fabric printing.

John and I spent a few days away in April, but that was pretty much the only time away. I'm really looking forward to a proper holiday this summer! I was also diagnosed with Bells Palsy back in June. and alsmost 7 months later it's almost back to normal - except when I get over tired. In July I also shaved all my hair off for charity, which was kind of liberating!

So what next? In honesty I don't know. There are a lot of things happening in the early part of the year that will certainly mean changes to come. I haven't really set myself any real resolutions, but there are things that I'd like to do.

Spend time with my family.
Express my faith in all I do.
Eat food with friends.
Go Back to China - (trip planned for the summer).
Make art.
Play my sax and flute more often.
Get fitter.


  1. Hi Claire
    I have loved some of your sewing makes in 2015. Here's to a great new year and may you achieve your ambitions!

    1. I've also loved following your makes too. Hope you have a great 2016


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