Sunday, 3 July 2016

Megan Nielsen Reef top and shorts

Hi All,

Last week Megan Nielsen released her top and shorts pattern Reef . I tested this pattern and made the top and version 2 shorts for my daughter.

She loves them and has begged me to make her a couple more pairs before she goes on holiday in August.

For the shorts my daughter chose a mint green lace and silky poly underlining. She wanted the lace effect, but obviously not see through.

The pattern was soooooo easy to follow and the fit is great. these have been in heavy roation since I made them for her back in April. The top is also a great make. It's super easy and a beginner could handle it. My daughter's version was in a satin fabric, which she wears as a PJ top. but she's keen to have more for the holidays.

The top is super easy to make and there are no tricky bits so it's perfect for a beginner. If you wanted to you could extend the facing and include an integrated bra.  I might give this a try.

I think this pattern is going to be a favourite. I might make some of the shorts for myself, but I will lengthen them as they are a bit short for me.


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