Sunday, 24 June 2012

Dregree show summary

Natural forms based work on Glass/ perspex - this was stunning
John and I spent a good couple of hours looking around the Fine Art and Photography final shows at Northumbria University. It was a very mixed bag - there were some excellent shows and some poor ones. Some of work from the A level students at the school where I work would not have looked out of place in the exhibition and were considerably stronger that some of the degree work.

Paint testing?
Interesting texture - I thought to looked like couscous
While I love abstract art and like the work of artists such as Jane Callister and Pia Fries. I found a lot of the abstract work very disappointing and predictable. However there were some pieces that showed a subtlety and careful execution. Some were well thought out and conveyed a message well. Others looked like they were choosing colours for the Kitchen wall.

Here are a few of the pieces I liked.

These were interesting prints on fabric, using some kind of photo stencil

Detailed and amazingly accurate paintings of the world around us

Expressive Portraits - one of a series

This was an interesting piece of work. Lots of images incorporating snippets of overheard conversations.

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