Saturday, 23 June 2012

Girls day out

Last week my 9 year old announced that we should have a girls day out and go shopping. Today was that day.
We set off at 9.30 this morning and headed straight for the Cinema. Empire Juniors on a Saturday morning means we both get in for £1 each. We saw Happy Feet 2. After this we set off to go Shopping. Into Debenhams where I bought a new bra (sale time). the to New look so Bethan could spend some money - she was banned from clothes as she has waaaaay to many, but shoes and accessories were fair game. She came away with a pair of pink ballerinas.

We then headed to the Settle Down cafe, recommended by my friend Alli and had lunch. On the way back to the car we called in several charity shops. Bethan bought a new headband - pink polkadots with a bow and I got a pair of high waist-ed Jeans. I took a risk as there was a huge queue for the changing room and they were only £3.30 I bought them without trying them on. To my surprise, they fitted absolutely perfectly - now what are the chances of that?

I'd had a call from John asking me to call at the brewing supply shop on my way home, to pick up a few essential supplies (he'd broken a thermometer); while we were there I called in another charity shop and picked up enough black suiting (£2) to make the jacket from Burdastyle that I've had my eye on!

Bethan chose a present for her friends birthday and we picked up some pizza for tea on the way home. - all in all a productive and enjoyable day.

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