Wednesday, 13 June 2012

get to it girl!

And so the bridesmaid dress sewing begins in earnest. The wedding is at the End of July and that leaves me just 6 weeks to get these sorted for Jess's bridesmaids. I've done most of the  drafting and fitting, but had some fitting issues the other day - which led to a remake of the corselette of one of the dresses.
One bridesmaid is currently living in London - a 6 hr drive away, which means I have to wait till the end of June to do her fitting, as I don't want to go any further until I know the corselette fits properly.

Hopefully I'll have the other two completely done by then so it should just be a one day job to finish them off. All my plans have been scuppered as i've had to do an extra day at work this week. I don't mind and the money is needed, but when you've mentally planned your time and things just don't go to plan it throws things.


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