Friday, 29 July 2011

Introduction and pics.

Hi all.

Claire has already mentioned that she's away doing a charity team to China for the next few weeks. So she asked me to carry on with her blog. I was very amused by her claim that I'm "more creative" than her -it's simply not true. I dabble; but I'm always amazed by how things magically appear when Claire gets going. From knitted bags; to crocheted (is that how you spell it?) cardigans; to amazing artwork.

I thought I share some photos I took on recent photo day Claire got me for my birthday. I still like to take pictures on film and develop them in our sink (more of that another day). Really I just like the chemicals and the mixing; but you do get great results from film.

On the photo day my film camera had mishap so I reverted to my digital SLR, The course leader suggested that I take the pics in Black and white (which is what I prefer) and then showed me that you can emulate various filters on the camera.

The photos are all taken along the route of Hadrian's wall. It was a wall built by the Romans to denote the Northern boundary of the empire and there's still quite a lot of it left running from Newcastle upon Tyne to Carlisle in Cumbria.

What I'm most pleased about these photos is that they are exactly as I took them apart from me converting a couple to a more traditional aspect (again I'll bore you with that another day).

I hope you like them.



  1. Awesome! Really love 'em!! Top job John.

  2. The photos are beautiful. I know what you mean about traditionally developing pics and waiting for the 'big reveal' but these days I must admit I am a digital girl.


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