Thursday, 14 July 2011

TR Dress Part 2

I thought I'd share this with Handmade Monday. I know some of you folks already follow Wendy's blog - it seems like she's had a bit of a mare at the latest craft fair. Hope everything gets sorted out. So this is my contribution for this week.

Well I'm on to the second toile. I cut the pattern pieces nice and flat and marked the notches to enable me to match the pieces accurately. I was surprised how easily I managed to do this.

I used some remainder curtain fabric and a valance sheet that doesn't fit any of our beds - hence the slight ruffle on the bottom edge. There is a little puckering on some of the curves, but given that this is my first attempt that's not a problem. Now to find suitable fabric to make the real thing in.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on this, any suggestions for improving the curves and avoiding puckering? Fabric suggestions? Thoughts on the design?


  1. Love this dress! Beth x

  2. OK, Now I'm getting it although I daren't look at you Youtube link yet as I know I'll get sucked in and achieve nothing else for rest of the day. The shape of the dress is gorgeous.

  3. I love the dress it's hard to believe that it's your first attempt and from recycled fabrics too.

  4. it's looking good - I'm sure the puckering won't be suxh a problem on a more substantial fabric x

  5. Wow the dress looks lovely and is a fantastic shape but unfortunately even though my mum was a tailoress I am useless at sewing lol, just about put buttons on and did stretch to shortening my trousers once but I am sure there will be others who come by who can point you in the right direction. I am more knitting, cross stitch etc.

  6. What a dress it looks amazing!

  7. Dress looks really good! I love the colour and pattern!

  8. Lovely looking dress and amazing for a first attempt.

    I can't sew for toffee so whilst I would love to help with suggestions, I really can't so I'll leave that to the experts!

    Ali x

  9. Beautiful dress, a lovely colour combination and a great shape, wouldn't know where to start so no helpful suggestions from me. I actually like the bit of gathering in the bottom section.

    Jan x


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