Monday, 25 July 2011

Future projects

Whilst visiting family this weekend I managed to increase my stash of fabric. My Mother in law has a cupboard full of off cuts and dress lengths that she allowed me to plunder. She'd also picked up a 70's pattern from the local fabric store for the bargain price of 50p - well done Mother.

While at my mum's house she told me she still hadn't got around to making the wrap dress that she's had the pattern for for years - and the fabric for that matter. Her machine is bust and needs some serious attention. So I've offered to make it for her. She has this lovely soft drapy fabric - which is crease resistant.

However all this stuff is going to have to wait a few weeks, as I'm off to China tomorrow and I will not have time for sewing, although I may do a bit of sketchbook work.


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