Wednesday, 20 July 2011

crochet it

This is my first attempt at an actual crochet garment. I learnt how to crochet when I was young, but only ever made samplers. I found the pattern on the Drops website. It was simple and easy to follow.  I made it in white cotton, to match the polka dot dress I bought in the sale last week.

This will probably be my last make for a while as I'll be away for nearly a month. Hopefully my Hubby is going to keep my blog going for a while. He's much better at writing than I am and will blog about different stuff. Keep your eyes peeled for his posts in the near future.


  1. Very impressive work - I can't knit or crochet so am completely in awe of anyone who can!

    Ali x

  2. Totally impressed - both with the crochet and the fact you have your man blogging for you! I can imagine the complaints in this household if I dared suggest such a thing! x

  3. Well done can knit but a crochet hook is beyond me, lol

  4. I keep saying I'm going to learn but never get around to it. I'll be keeping an eye out for your hubby's posts. :o)

    Jan x

  5. A crocheted garment - very impressive I'm still on Granny Squares but I'd be game for this one. Great effort, well done

  6. Oooh that's lovely, very summery too :)

  7. A great make, I must try crochet one of these days.


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