Sunday, 3 July 2011

Summer Ruffle Halter

After making the coffee date dress the other day I had enough fabric left over to make my daughter a dress. she wanted a halter neck dress with a cross over front and ruffles - not picky at all!

I cut the bodice fronts. I used the chest measurement divided by two and about 3/4 of that for the width of each piece. The pieces were cut in a triangular shape with fabric added on at the top to create a tie. I used the chest height (gained by draping the tape measure around the neck to the line where I wanted the bodice to end and halved that measurement. I then added enough to the bodice top to enable me to tie it. I cut two of each front piece to form the lining. I sandwiched a gathered ruffle between the bodice front and lining and stitched.

The skirt was made using a simple tube of fabric. The front was about 1 1/2 times the width of the bodice. I used a double later of gathering stitches and eased them into a central front position before sewing to the bodice. The back was cut higher than the front. the extra folded over to make a casing for elastic at the back. I used three pieces of elastic, and stitched them into three sections on the casing.

Once in place I ajusted them to fit and stiched firmly. (You could make a shirred back as an alternative to using a casing).

Bethan loves her new dress.

Sorry for the rather garbled instructions. I'll try to but illustrations and a better step by step guide on sometime this week.


  1. The dress is lovely and the model is superb - she looks very happy with her new dress! x

  2. Gorgeous dress on a pretty model! No wonder she loves it!

  3. Your daughters very lucky to have such a talented mum. The dress is lovely

  4. Another super make from you... and modelled with such attitude!

  5. Absolute attitude! My girly has attitude with some to spare.

  6. A lovely dress! Wish I could make something like that! You have a lot of talent

  7. Lovely dress - I remember something similar from my younger days.

    I see a budding supermodel there...

    Ali x

  8. Great dress, I also love the vintage style photos!!

  9. Lovely dress, but how did your daughter 'know' all the things she wanted? I can't usually think beyond blue, and stripes!

  10. Thanks for the comments folks. Think my next project might be a painting create.


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