Thursday, 2 June 2011


It has to be said - I am Impatient! Have bought my first dressmakers mannequin (or rather my Hubby has bought it for me). I really thought it would be here today - but won't be here 'till next week Argh!
You might wonder why I'm so frustrated about it; well I decided to have a go at drafting a semi fitted dress, simple you might think - so did I! I followed the drafting instructions I'd found somewhere in internet land as carefully as I could. made a sloper, block and muslin.
All going to plan - but then - adjustments to be made. - trying to pin the thing on myself and adjust it with one hand holding a mirror, trying to look at my back and see where the changes needed to be made. I managed to make all the adjustments to the front quite easily. I just couldn't for the life of me adjust the back - mannequin needed!
The back darts were all wrong, pulling in all directions! At first I couldn't for the life of me work out why; then it twigged - I'd made the waist too low! This confirmed when I compared the draft next to a commercial dress.
I decided that without the use of a mannequin I'd leave the bodice drafting for another time and stick to the easier stuff of skirt drafting - I can manage that.  This is in no way a cop out. I'm just waiting till I have a good pattern drafting book - Birthday pressie please. and the mannequin.


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