Thursday, 9 June 2011

Three things

1. OOOH it's been an exciting day. After dropping the kids off at school this morning John and I headed into Gateshead for a treat - breakfast at the Hilton! thank you John. I haven't eaten anything else all day.

We followed that by a walk along the quayside. If you haven't been along past the Sage and Baltic - it's well worth it. We'd seen all the current exhibitions at the Baltic, but couldn't resist going in the shop. It's one of those shops I love - filled with many books about art and design. However it's the quirky interesting and unusual gifts that I just love.

Whilst in the shop I had a look through two pattern books, I'd seen them on Amazon, but loved the opportunity to have a look through them - think sculpture in dress form and you'd be along the right lines. Some amazing and unusual design I would just love to try out (added to birthday wish list).

2. Just moments after arriving home the post man came - delivering my tailors dummy - It's a bit larger than I thought, but should still help me drape, plan and adjust my designs.

3. I got my visa application off; had lunch with the girls (they had lunch and I had a ginger beer); picked the boys up from school and watched a bit of The Constant Gardener.  I also wanted to share the fabric brooches I'm working on, hopefully to sell at my fundraiser next Saturday. So here they are - rather pink themed as that seems to be the fabric I have available at the moment.


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