Monday, 20 June 2011

Visual Arts 11 Degree Show

I was intending to go to Northumbria Uni's dregree show preview last Thursday, but didn't make it. So John and I went today. There were some amazing talented artists, some bonkers stuff and some work I didn't really care for. I could have spent a couple of hours looking at all the student's work, but had an appointment, so there were some I didn't see.

Here are a few of the artists whose work caught my eye. (Sorry about poor photos - only had my phone with me!)

Kate Anderson

This is Kate Anderson's "falling to Pieces". I loved the contrast she made using well loved children's tales with a darker reality - poor humpty!

Kate Hardwick

Kate Hardwick's work looked at the contrast between daily life and war, and showed how far apart they are.

Adam Hodkinson

Adam Hodkinson had created a range of drawings - beautifully executed, which seemed to explore the features of people that made them unique - not necessarily beautiful.

Weijia Ou
Weijia Ou

Weijia Ou responded to his experience of the educational system in China and the contrast to the imagination and desire to play. This resulted in some very striking and thought provoking works.

Kelly Pearson

Kelly Marie Pearson's wax installation was beautiful and disturbing, harsh and fragile at the same time.

Nat Quinn

Nat Quinn's mixed media work, was beautiful. the delicate drawing, scratching and building up of layers was mesmerising.

Annette Searing

Annette Carla Searing's work on MDF was an assault on the senses! - but I loved it. Bright lurid colours and textures created this vivid body of work. I love colour and I think that's why this work appealed to me so much.

Dan Shields

I also loved Dylan Alistair Shields sculpture - made from wood and cardboard.

Jade Sweeting

Finally Jade Sweeting's humorous and politically driven work, was eye catching, through provoking and culturally relevant.


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