Tuesday, 14 June 2011

To do list

I'm getting to the stage where i need to list the stuff I have to get done (creative stuff that is). You can all hold me to account and make sure I get it done - question me, harass me and ask to see evidence.
So here goes:
  1. Finish Prep for my art and cake fundraiser - this includes making cakes, buying coffee and tea, finishing and presenting fabric brooches, rag bags and sorting out my art work (see my art work page). I also need to tidy up and sort out price lists.
  2. Finish the dress refashion I started before Easter - it's a simple 50s style dress but I didn't get the bodice right, so I'm redoing it.
  3. Refashion two dresses that need a bit of an update and a better fit.
  4. Make a dress with the bargain viscose fabric I got today for £3.40 - for 2.5m.
  5. Refashion two of my hubbies shirts (they are too big for him).
  6. Paintings - try out some of my layers ideas using PVA and a range of materials.
  7. Make the crocheted jacket I've seen.
  8. revise how to do drawn thread work and use it on a simple shift dress as edging.
  9. Get hold of the Pattern Magic books and use the ideas to create my own individual ideas.
  10. Organise my first link party, Giveaway, and guest posts.
Any help with any of these would be gratefully appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. Sadly I need lists because my poor little brain seems unable to cope any more. Can I put in a request that you finish No 2 immediately, 1950's, bodice, sounds lovely


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