Friday, 6 April 2012

Dress and Blouse Refashion

John had bought me this skirt a couple of years ago in a sale. I love the fabric and the colours, but the fit was a little off and I don't have any tops that go with this, so I decided to remake it into a summer dress.

I added a side zip and used the waistband to make the straps. 


I used a pink ribbon at the waist and a thinner one to cover the raw edge in the bodice. The fabric had a little elastane in it, which stretched slightly under the arms. I used a gathering stitch to ease the excess and steamed it out. still a little more to do on the right side.

The second refashion was a blouse that I have loved wearing, but found the bottom frill made it look a bit dated. I used to wear it for work, when I could be more casual, but I now need to wear it tucked in to meet the dress code at work. So I removed the shirring elastic and removed the frill. I finished it with a narrow hem - ready for casual or smart :)


  1. I love that floral print. The refashion reminds me a little of my own except you put so much more work into yours. Great job!

  2. The skirt-to-dress works really well, fabric is beautiful and the pink ribbon really sets off the colour. Well done!


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