Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Fabric Delights and thread tension

Elaine and I went shopping for fabric for her wedding dress today. There was much discussion on the right shade and handle of the fabric, in the end we've opted for a two layered very drapey choice of fabrics. One is a polyester heavy chiffon - by heavy I mean it has substantial body - more like a georgette, two layers would be completely opaque. Topped with a viscose/ silk pattered fabric that just hints at the colour beneath. It will look beautiful! Itching to share with you and will do as soon as the wedding is done!

Secondly  I've had some problems setting the balance of my overlocker. One of the threads was not correctly tensioned. So I set the machine with 4 different colours so I could easily identify the correct tension dial and followed this guide. It worked pretty well and with just a little fine tuning the machine is now correctly balanced.

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