Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Celebrations

I must admit I was not feeling in a very celebratory mood when my alarm went off at 5am this morning!
However, by the time we'd reached the beach at 6am and it was starting to get light I was ready to celebrate. I love Easter Day. The day when we remember that Jesus rose again and how that allows us all the opportunity to have new life and a personal relationship with God.

Back home by 7am and time for a family breakfast of bacon and eggs before heading off to church for out morning service. I get to play my saxophone (which is a rare occurrence these days) and am looking forward to celebrating with our church family.

I know we have a creator God and that creativity is a special gift that we should celebrate. I thank God for the talents he's given me and how I can use them to bless other people and share his good news. I suppose that's why I write my blog.

Anyway a little bit of music to share with you today. One of my favourite bands is a UK group called Phatfish. The singer, Lou Fellingham also does some solo stuff and this song is amazing! It's been going around my head for days months and is so relevant for Easter.  So enjoy and check out their website too.

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