Thursday, 26 April 2012

A Discovery

paper craft header from Abakhan
I was browsing the UK based fabric suppliers the other day when I came across Abakhan.
Based in the North West of the UK, they have a few stores and a great website. I spent several house just browsing online and looking at their vast range of of supplies, courses, tutorials and news.
I've signed up for their newsletter and earmarked some fabric that I want to buy - did I say they are very very reasonable!

So UK followers - go have a look!

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  1. I agree totally. If you are ever in north Wales, be sure to visit their branch in Mostyn. There's a huge shop downstairs where you buy by weight, another upstairs where the rolls are, a craft shop for supplies of all osrts of stuff and a market stall where bundles of fabric and trimmings are sold really cheap. You can even have a meal in the cafe and the kids can play on the swings! x


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