Thursday, 12 April 2012

We got fabric!

Elaine and I finally got her bridal fabric today. It's going to be soooo pretty. I'm itching to get started, but there are currently guitars all over the place and I need the dining room table to cut out on, and do the initial basting. I really can't wait to share this dress with you but it will have to wait until the wedding in early June. I might show little snippets of construction as I go along.


  1. That's always fun. I could spend hours in a fabric store. :)

  2. I'm terrible for fabric, I have cupboards full but still buy more, and no matter how many things I make the fabric supply seems to miraculously replace itself!!
    Oh and:
    I received a Versatile Bloggers Award this week and am pleased to nominate you to receive this Award too.
    Have a look at this post for more details:

    Hope you have a good week!

  3. But guitars are equally as pretty and valid as dresses :)


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